Hi! My name's Simon Tee. As mentioned on the page before, I prioritize two things when I treat patients: doing the right thing, and doing it well. To me, 'doing the right thing' means being completely honest and ethical with whatever I do. When performing treatment, we always start with a thorough discussion of every option, the pros and cons of each, and in particular, we will discuss prices before starting. Teeth can be very expensive to fix, and I realise that you have other pressing expenses in your life! As such, my prices are among the lowest in Perth, and there is always a way to solve your problem whilst keeping within your budget.

Everyone knows that when prices are low, there must be a catch somewhere. Not in this case! We use only quality materials, equipment, exceptional local dental laboratories,  and we even have a huge TV above the chair to take your mind off things! This is all part of 'doing things well'. I take pride in the work I produce, and I strive to produce the best results every day. For you, this means the needles are almost completely painless, the fillings are white and beautiful, and the teeth (if they need to be) are taken out quickly and easily!

Give us a call, I guarantee you'll be satisfied with your treatment!



Dr. Simon Tee